Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Miami Part 1

Yes I am back. I have resumed work in my office after being absent for over 2 weeks. Everyone may now breathe a sigh of relief now that you can continue to read my blog on a daily basis. So much has happened since I last wrote. So it will take me a few days to post everything that I want to write about. So first things first, I will talk about going to Miami for work.

I will preface this story by telling you that I have quite a fair skin color, which means I am whiter than snow. However, once I got back from Miami, my skin was a nice bright red tomatoey color. Ok so my workmate and I decided that since we were going to Miami for work we wanted to take advantage of the free flight so we went down 2 days earlier to be able to take in the sights and to get some prime beach time in. Our flight was supposed to leave Pittsburgh at 1:30 but due to the ice storm that erupted during my car ride to the airport, we didnt leave in all actuality until closer to 5. We had a layover in Atlanta airport, which because our first plane was delayed caused our next flight to not be on time as well. So finally around 7:30 we boarded our flight and finally headed to our final destination. As we stood impatiently waiting for our luggage the pressure and excitement continued to build. That night we were supposed to go to "Club Space", supposedly the #1 dance club in the country. They always have a popular DJ spinning records so I was flamboyantly excited. We got our rental car, put down the windows, and sped on the highway, enjoying the 11pm traffic and warm breeze swifting through our windows.

Our next battle included actually finding our hotel. We were staying in downtown Miami, at a hotel that was supposed to be called the Biscayne Bay Hotel. However, after driving passed the specified address, we were stumped because there was a hotel there, but it was a Hilton and not the Biscayne Bay. So we checked with the valet peeps and they said that the name changed one week prior. Fine. Whatever. Thanks.

Our hotel room offered one spectacular view of downtown Miami. At this point we didnt realize we had a view of the bay as well as a cruise ship port. Holla! So we got dressed called our loved ones, and left for Club Space around midnight. Luckily the club was only a few blocks from our hotel so we trekked out on foot. Upon arriving, we could see that there was quite the line already, so we took our place, and took in the environment. Well, we took in that same environment for 2 hours before we even could get to see the entrance of the club. We could see people getting turned away let and right, and VIPs walking past the huge line briskly. We met a couple of cute and not so cute girls who we chatted with because they were basically the only other Americans in line. So as we neared the entrance, it seemed as though they were only letting in women. And single women and that. Finally they let in the girls we were chatting with and we made a tight hand held chain and struggled to get through the crowd. Once the last girl was through the crowd sunk in and my hand came unattached and we were let behind in the sea of latino gangsters who were all wearing sunglasses at 2 in the morning. Can I get a T.A.C.K.Y. and a T.O.O.L. Yeah apparently everyone gets too much sun down there that they need to wear sunglasses even while they sleep.

At this point not one man made it through the doors and scantily clad women were now all VIPs apparently. Then a few arguments started occurring around us one of which turned into a fist fight. This was our sign of defeat. We made a conscious decision that we were not getting in anytime soon, and if we do, we would be sporting not sunglasses, but two black eyes. So we walked right back to our hotel disappointed and not drunk. We slept soundly, and awoke knowing we would be spending our day on the beach.

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