Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miami Part 3

So there I am standing in the mirror and my face is falling off as is the rest of the skin on my body. The Miami heat is too much for me to handle. It is the last day that I am in Miami and I want to go out with a bang. I am now informed of the hot spots in South Beach and so my coworker and I set out both very well moisturized and covered in lotion and in pain. We arrive on the one street in South Beach where fancy schmancy stores line the streets. We find a parking garage grab the parking ticket and begin our walk to Armani Exchange where I plan to do some major damage to my bank account. I am shocked by just how many items I actually enjoy and just how cheap many of these items are. I never thought I could get tshirts from there for $20. I buy my clothes all of which look and fit quite fierce on me.*Yes, I love Christian Soriano from Project Runway. He is hilarious!

So we buy our clothes and see a mob of people up one block which is the beach's boardwalk. My my coworker and I finally find what we have been looking for. Spring Breakers partying their little hearts off. We wanted to find people, and we found hundreds. This was the hot spot everyone has been talking about. There were people walking around wasted, people with huge snakes wrapped around their necks, girls showing off every ASSet they have, and plenty of beefcake to go around. We were both in heaven. We walked the boardwalk enjoying the sites, the bars, the restaurants, the people, and the sunset. We got to walked past Versace's house where he was shot on his steps which was also equally awesome even though it seemed as though it was turned into a very exclusive restaurant.

We finally found a restaurant which looked nice and had a nice variety of food. We enjoyed a meal provided to us my a very nice woman who was from Italy. We took in our surroundings and watched the people swarm past our table. As crazy as it was, it was serene at the same time. This time for me was the most memorable and fun time I had the entire trip. I forgot that my body was in pain, that my skin was falling off my body, and that I looked like a zombie. I didnt think about all of the stresses in my life, but yet, I thought about the one thing in my life that keeps me going. At that point, I wanted nothing more but to be in that environment with my boyfriend. I knew he would have had an absolute blast being there. At that point I couldnt wait to save up some money and come down here on vacation with him.

After dinner we both decided that we were going to skip the whole clubbing thing. It was already pretty late, and we had to get up early the next morning for our flight. So instead we just walked around and soaked up our last few hours in Florida. I took this time to reflect on how lucky I was to be able to be in South Beach Florida, enjoying nice meals, enjoying nice weather, all for free. So we walked back to the parking garage, and drove towards the ticket booth thinger, when I realized that I cannot find the parking slip I realized I was screwed and was going to have to pay double the initial fee and it was going to have to come out of my pocket. $24 later, I was reminded of my bad luck, but I would have paid $50 to have that night there.

My trip to Miami was coming to a close, so instead of driving straight back to the hotel, we drove around the city of Miami and took one last sight of the skyscrapers at night. Finally we went back to the hotel, and I slept the best I have in a long time.

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