Monday, November 19, 2007

You Loooove Me!

First I would like to start this post by saying hello to my bf. He and I both know how nebby he can be, and as much as he doesnt want to read my blog, he continues to. Thats OK, I still wont hold back what I want to write and how I feel. Hello Dear, hope you are had a great day today! Everyone say hello to the bf. He will appreciate the comments.

Moving on to the topic of today. Sorry bf you probably wont like this one. Because of the fact that the bf reads my blog he obviously knows how I feel about him. He knows that I fell in love with him and just how much I love it when he laughs. I think love is an amazing thing. I think its rare and beautiful. It changes lives for the better and for the worst. I actually want to get the word Love tattooed on my side under my arm. Therefore I dont throw around the Love word often. I use it only when I mean it. I have only used that word with my family, a few friends, and only in one relationship.

I think when someone chooses to use that word in a relationship that it definitely should signify where you are within that relationship. When someone can finally be their true self in front of someone without worrying what the other person may think is a big deal. When I would do anything that I could do for someone is a big deal. When I want nothing more but to wake up with someone in my arms every morning thats a big deal. These are all the things I think of when I think of Love, well my type of Love. And I think Love is a big deal.

Therefore when I know I am in Love, and I want to tell my significant other, I want it to be a special moment. I dont just want to say it on the phone at a random moment or if we are just joking around. I said before that I am a die hard romantic. So obviously I have to make it a romantic moment. However, due to the fact that my bf does read my blog, he has brought it to my attention that he knows that I do in fact Love him. He brought it up on Saturday by saying "You Loooove me"!! It a joking manner. It actually caught me a little of guard. He has said it a few other times as well. He has not of course said it back. Fine with me. I want someone to say it only when they mean it.

I did not tell him how I really felt about him yet because there is nothing worse than telling someone you Love them and hearing nothing in return. I know the feeling is not that strong yet for him and I do not have a problem with that, say it when you are ready and actually mean it. Although I still have not told him I Love him, I have just said "Sooo" or just say nothing and smile when he says "You looove me". I can still have that special moment when I finally decide to tell him, but a it wont be that same moment I was hoping for.

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