Friday, November 2, 2007

Tastykake Donuts & Sour Stinkers

Today sucks. My buddy/cubemate at work is not here today nor are half the people in my office. The only positive thing about not having people at my work is that I get to go and sit in their offices that overlook the entire city of Pittsburgh. We are two floors from the top of our skyscraper building so it makes for quite a view. Its also nice because on one side of the building I can look at Heinz Field and PNC Park or I can look out another window for the view of the city.

I have not done one ounce of work yet today. I have no ambition when no one is here. This makes for time for me to read blogs and find things to do in other cities. Holy Crap. I almost forgot. Today doesnt fully suck because one of my websites that I frequented that had been blocked a few months no longer blocked. Perez Hilton has once again entered my life on my 14 inch work laptop screen. This made my day. It just isnt the same visiting his site on my little blackberry screen.

I have been eating the same lunch all this week and I stocked up on all the same lunch foods for next week too. Nothing to me is better than milano cookies, tastykake chocolate donuts, a bag of pretzels, and a Bowl Appetite *Which is amazing for only $1.50 at your local Target. I am bound to get tired of this lunch by Tuesday. That sux.

At the gym yesterday some gym-goer was pooping their pants as they pumped iron. I would be on my 3rd rep of my preacher curls and all a sudden some sort of funktastic poo smell would overwhelm me . It was so bad I would look around to see people gagging. Which of course made me start gagging. It was that bad. Some fuh reek was queefing an abnormal, sour, poo laced stinker from his/her butt. Naturally you would move to a different end of the gym to remove yourself from the stinky cloud of musk. It would be fine smelling the natural smells of the gym. Hot mens sweating in their manly jockish outfits. The natural smell of testosterone is quite enjoyable sometimes. But somehow this aroma filled the gym. People were looking around trying to pin point the anti-glade plugin, but somehow they disguised themselves as a regular person. Asshole. I think it was the angertwink in the corner. You would never guess it was him. Good disguise. If your ass drops something in your underwear in the gym, at least you can own it. Say "Thats right motherfuckers, that came from my ass!" Be proud of your bodily air. Good or bad. Its only fair.

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