Monday, November 12, 2007

New Job on the Horizon?!

Well I found out Friday that I have a job interview with the company I wanted to work for. So I will be spending this week doing alot of research on the job position. For those trivia gurus out there, I currently work in the 3rd tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh and the company I am interviewing with is in the tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh. Name those buildings!

I really hope this goes well. I am fairly decent at interviewing, so hopefully I can woo them with my background. I think the only thing hindering me is the fact that I am quitting thise job to go to that one and I have only worked here for 5 months. This new job will mean alot of things for me. I will get to stay in Pittsburgh. I will get to move out of my apt and away from my retched roommate which may mean I get to find a place to live with the bf! I will have more financial security cause it pays more which is always nice. But ultimately I will be able to hopefully start a long term career. No one likes jumping from job to job. I want a career that I love and that will fulfill me. Hopefully this will be that for me. That is of course if I get offered the job.

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jay said...

I wish you luck. That question was just too easy for those actually in Pittsburgh given how many skyscrapers there are in the city lol.

Just be careful and ensure that you'll like what you'll be doing.