Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What the Hell...No Gay Jokes?

I am finally back at work and blogging after being absent for 5 days. It was a well needed break away from work. I am finally back in the grind of staring at my computer for 8 hours. My Thanksgiving break went pretty well. I was at my parents house for 3 days. Probably 2 days too long for my own taste. It was pretty boring for the most part. I have fallen out of touch with most of my friends from high school therefore I didnt hang out with any of my old buddies like I normally would have. Therefore I was stuck at home the entire time. My parents dont have much money and can afford only to live minimally. There house is very small so anytime any noise is made, it can be heard throughout the entire house. I slept in my little brothers room, on a bunk bed that squeeks anytime you move a finger or your heart beats.

Normally my brothers whom are all pretty young being 15 and younger like to team up and make fun of me. Usually it starts off by them telling me I smell then if luck is on my side, they remind me that I like to kiss boys. And I do. Alot. I have never had a conversation with them about my homosexuality. They are far to young to swallow that fact that their brother, well, swallows. But only if I like you. But they are too young to really understand. By them telling me that I am gay and that I kiss boys *if they only knew what I else I do to boys!*, I know that my parents have to talk about it when I am not around. I can only hope that when they do talk about the gay son that they do so in a positive manner as my little brothers are obviously listening. On a better note though, they didnt make any gay references to me for the 3 days that I was there. I was shocked and a little relieved. It always makes me feel a little uncomfortable when they do.

My mom asked about my boyfriend alot while I was there. I appreciate her interest in this aspect of my life. Although she still refers to him only as my friend because she just cant muster up the courage to actually say my boyfriend. Its ok though. Babysteps.

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K said...

Baby steps indeed....

I cannot imagine my mother EVER asking me about a boyfriend of mine tho....there is just no way