Thursday, November 1, 2007

Please Live In Me!

That's what the loft said to me as both my bf and I said as we entered the new apartment we were looking at. It was quite the little haven. It was very big, huge ceilings, decent kitchen, and heat and A/C are included in the rent. Now if we would so happen to move into this place it would be $100 cheaper then the asking price. Thanks to my negotiating skills of course. $1100 for a 2 bdrm loft in a trendy and hip part of Pittsburgh with free off street parking is quite the steal.

Now what sucks about this whole thing is that we both went into this basically just to check things out and have fun. We both decided that it is not the smartest thing to move in together yet. Mainly for financial reasons but also because we dont want to make the mistake of moving in together too soon. He feels that once he moves in with someone that they basically are married. I sort of agree, but for me I never think of it being that extreme. Even if I were married I would act the same way. I am dedicated to someone even if there isnt a ring on my finger. But I definitely understand his point of view. Its just nice to think about being able to see him everyday and wake up next to each other every morning.

This also reminds of a conversation I heard over the weekend about people being clingy. I never thought about it much, but I think I am definitely clingy. Which is very much a bad thing. I am not sure what makes a clingy person clingy, but I am sure that I am. Poop.

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jay said...

Well clingy is ok as long as he's clingy too.