Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend Wonders

Plans for the weekend:

Friday *Tonight:
1. Dinner with myself, possibly perogies! Yum
2. Mad Mex? Cant beat a $6 drink that will get you half in the bag
3. The notorious Pegasus Lounge where new friend #1 can find a cute boy
4. Afterhours @ Club Hot
5. Hopefully cuddling with "the boy" in my bed

1. Sandcastle. Its bring a buddy day so I get in for free since "the boy" has a season pass
2. Pgh Zoo perhaps. I get to bring friends and we all get in for free cause my company allows me too
3. Possibly dinner at my fav restaurant Eleven with "the boy"
4. Some random bar. Perhaps a straight bar then off to one of the gay hole in the walls
5. Afterhours @ Club Hot
5. Hopefully more cuddling with "the boy" in my bed

1. Sandcastle. *See above
3. Perhaps buy a hammock. *See below
2. Relaxation for the rest of the day.


busta said...

Don't refer to bars that do not cater to homosexuals as "straight" bars. That's very incorrect as they are open and welcoming to everyone. The gays just do not go there.

JBGBC said...

HAHA! Last time I was at a straight bar, there was a group of men making fun an obviously gay patron at the bar. I dont think that is very welcoming. Therefore I will continue to call them straight bars. Thanks tho!