Thursday, July 19, 2007

Restless Leg Syndrome: Really Restless?

I have restless leg syndrome. I have suffered from it for many years. It keeps me up at night, and angers the person that sits in front of me at the movies with the constant flow of kicks to the back of their chair and sometimes head. It drives me crazy. The constant need to move my legs, because otherwise they feel like they are being crushed in a vice. Apparently some people including doctors believed that this is all in our heads. Wrong Wrong Wrong. Those people need to lay in bed with me for one night or sit next to me while I whither around in my chair. I sit here now typing this having to re-adjust the way my legs are sitting every two minutes cause I am constantly uncomfortable.

So if you ever see me at the theater, don't sit in any chair that my legs can touch, you WILL leave annoyed. You will be mad at me for kicking your chair every time I move, which is often. You might be even more pissed if I clip the back of your head with my heel of my foot. *Sorry, I know that sucks. With that being said, be nice to the person who does kick the back of your chair during those times, cause they, like me, could have the so called restless leg syndrome.

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