Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Seasons Greetings! Sorry for not writing in such a long time but I have been trapped by several feet of snow that landed over the weekend. I am now also bracing for approximately another foot of snow that is supposed to start falling in a few hours and into tomorrow. Also, please note that I HATE HATE HATE snow. There is not one thing I actually enjoy about it. So as the lord would have it, I have been in quite a "mood" lately as its frigid outside and I have to stomp my way through the frozen slush. However, I have been quite lucky since I have yet to slip and fall outside as I have seen so many others have. Knock on wood.

Having a bit of luck also has spewed over into my professional life as well. I found out yesterday morning that there may be an opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia to work with one of my company's big clients. Go ahead and Google KAUST. Thats our client. It is quite interesting. So anyways, this opportunity would last roughly 2-3 months and definitely has its perks as the pay is higher, and all expenses are paid while on site. The downsides however are that you live in a hotel without a kitchen, its in the desert basically, I would be leaving everyone I know and love for that period of time, and it is quite a hot spot for terrorists. But you know, just non-important stuff. Please take note of the sarcasm.

Another tid bit of luck I have had also came about yesterday. I landed a job interview for another company with quite a large pay increase and it is closer to where I live. Its for a similar type of role that I am currently in, but has progressively more responsibility. My interview is next week, so I will tell ya how that goes. Hopefully better than my last one...

I have been feeling a little down in the dumps at my current job lately, as my best buddy there, left for another job opportunity. So my self described Work Husband divorced me for some other hussy. Damn him.

I also may have mentioned this prior, but not sure, but I joined a softball team here in Pittsburgh. And we have possibly the best team name ever...The Raging Homers. Thats funny right...It all part of a gay softball league. Even though I managed to talk my straight ex work husband and his straight best friend to play. So it should be quite interesting.

Thats all folks. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

haha. Raging Homers.

what are some of the other names? probably a couple that have to do with balls.

Or what about "The Catchers" or "The Pitchers"? haha. If they played eachother The Catchers would just sit there and let The Pitchers have there why with them. haha.

That brings up a good question. Does the catcher on your team have to be a bottom? haha ;D

Mike said...

Saudi Arabia sounds like a scary, crazy, and awesome opportunity.

I tend to be the one who is skeptical, afraid to take risks, find it hard to leave my comfort zone, so I'm not the one to ask when it comes to making decisions.

Craig said...

LOL @ Raging Homers

Good luck with the job stuff!

Anonymous said...

There is usually a risk to reward ratio with anything we do -- whether it's weight gain and cholesterol with a cheeseburger*, or speeding on the turnpike.

The Saudi Arabia assignment sounds like the experience of a lifetime. If I were you, I wouldn't want to be there, longterm. But, I'll bet three months would fly by.

Hopefully, though, you won't be taking that asssignment, because you're going to be working for your new employer for more money and closer to home.

I'm serious. You need to think positively about this,
it will affect the outcome.

Keep us posted, and good luck.

And, last, but not least:
Don't forget to wear a cup, Raging Homer!

P.S. Speaking of cheeseburgers: I mention this since you live in Pittsburgh. Have you ever been to Tessaro's in Bloomfield? I visited your city, not too long ago, to attend an event at The Warhol. A group of us went to this restaurant. Trust me, it's the best cheeseburger on earth.