Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going Viral

I came across my love for marketing when I was a Junior in college. By then however, I had already declared my major for Business Management and if I wanted to switch majors, I would have landed myself another year in college. So instead of majoring in Marketing, I minored in it.

One of the latest ways to promote something is viral marketing. This new way of marketing increases brand awareness through the use of social networking and many times through online initiatives. Great examples of this would be movies such as Cloverfield and District 9. And perhaps the greatest use of this would be in relation to the TV show Lost.

I have come across some new viral videos online that have sparked my interest. Not only because this is an obvious use of viral marketing but also for the artistry in the videos. Some are claiming that this it to promote the return of Christina Aguilera or Goldfrapp. Whatever it is though, its definitely interesting.


Michael Rivers said...

It's a whole new world of marketing thanks to technology. It's so interesting to watch the changes.

Anonymous said...

This is 100% Christina Aguilera!

Cause if you add the numbers and associate them to letters (ie: a =1, b = 2 etc) individually it's translates to;
The second vid is "IAMCA" and the third says "ITSMEC" lol