Monday, February 15, 2010

Job Interview Butterflies

I have a job interview today, in just a few hours actually. I am extremely nervous because I really want this to go well. I really want it to go well because I was told by my manager that the opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia is basically gone. They are taking two people from my department, and they are only going because they have been here the longest. Seniority sucks. I am the newest person here so I basically get screwed on everything. The thing that really bites my ass, is that the people that are going suck at their jobs. They are slow, always behind, but because they have been here longer, they get to take this opportunity. I work my ass off to prove myself and stand apart from the slackers here, and there are no rewards for that.

Hence why I really need this interview to go my way. I already had a phone interview which went really well, and I guess this part of the interview is all situational questions. Which I hate! I can tell you what I do on a daily basis, I can tell you the all the training I had, and I can also tell you why I am a good fit for the job. But when you ask me to recall a time I had to deal with a situation that I can barely remember from years before, I sort of have to come up with BS.

So I guess we will see how it goes. I have been going over situational questions online and trying to figure my answers for them. People that are close to me say that have a good feeling about this interview, so I am saying positive without being overly optimistic like I tend to get. I will let ya all know how it went.


Mind Of Mine said...

I have a job interview in a couple of days too. I am nervous I am so out of the interview loop.


Anonymous said...

By the time I post this comment, your interview is probably history.

My advice is be positive, show that you believe in yourself.

Interviewers pick up on self-doubt and lack of confidence like a dog picks up on fear. Trust me. I'm in the field, and what I have said is true.

I hope it went well and that one of your next posts is about your new job.

VpO said...

Good luck, I hope it went well!

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