Friday, January 9, 2009

Uninvited Guests

I havent mentioned someone in quite some time because I thought I had finally gotten them out of my life. Then, bam, he's back. And who am I referring to? My boyfriend's ex best friend who seems like he is back on his way to mending the relationship with my bf. Gag.

I cant help but feel mad about this. The reason that the bf and I have been doing so well was because we cut certain people out of our lives who were causing conflict with our relationship. I am afraid having these people back in our lives will recreate the drama. And I cannot go through those times again. I told the bf I would never let anyone else interfere with our relationship, and I am afraid that this guy will.

I know that this is almost completely selfish for me to feel this way. But I honestly want nothing to do with this guy. For my boyfriend's sake, I sort of want them to be friends because I know the bf truly cares about him, and I know that would make him happy. Despite the utterly horrible things that this friend has said to my boyfriend, and me having to cheer him up, and the whole process, I am disturbed that my boyfriend even wants him back in his life.

When my friends crossed me, I dropped them. I have no time for people like that in my life. I want to surround myself with good friends. With people who actually care about me as much as I do for them. Apparently not everyone feels that way. And they are too afraid to just let go of a friendship that is no longer working.

Once again, I know I am selfish. But i just got used to the fact that this guy will no longer be around. But now, he is reforming a friendship with the bf, and apparently is now going on the trip to Rehoboth Beach this summer that he said he was no longer going on. I guess i just have to get over it and deal. As much as I dont want to.


Sam said...

babes. Your not selfish. You're being protective. Like you say, he's thrown some nasty shit your bf's way, so naturally, you'll want to feel protective when the guy who did it comes back. Just stay close to your boyfriend, and keep an eye on that prick.

tim said...

The shit will hit the fan again, and when it does, it's not your responsibility to clean it up.

I'd just wait and when it comes, shrug my shoulders and say "I told you so".