Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Want Your Philia

During a weird email conversation with my friends this morning, I brought into the subject of an asphyxiation fetish. Which then got me to google some other known fetishes for all of you. Some are very weird.

acrotomophilia - Love of amputees
apotemnophilia - Desire to amputate a healthy limb
coprophilia - Sexual pleasure from feces
cypripareuniaphila - Love of prostitutes
dendrophilia - Love of trees
gerontophilia - Sexual attraction towards the elderly
gynotikolobomassophilia - Love of biting a female's earlobes
hirsutophilia - Love of hairy men
klismaphilia - Sexual pleasure from enemas
korophilia - Love of young men or boys
maiesiophilia - Sexual attraction to childbirth or pregnant women
nanophilia - Love of short people *I prefer to date only shorter guys
pogonophilia - Love of beards
pygophilia - Love of buttocks *I love a good bubble butt
zoophilia - Love of non-human animals

Which category of admiration do you fall into?


Gary said...

pygophilia works for me ;)

Craig said...

I'm totally into nanophilia. I'm 6'4" but will marry any interested 5'4" male. I love me some hobbits!