Monday, January 5, 2009

Doggie Switcharoo

I have let it be known that I want to buy a miniature Dachshund when I get a new pad to live in. I always thought they were oh so cute and cuddly. I still think that way, but after doing some more researching the dog on the internet, i have decided to go with something else after focusing on a few of the cons for this breed. So what are the cons of having a hot dog running around the house? First of all, they are hard to house train apparently. Which means I will be scrubbing dog poo out of carpet which = no fun. Secondly, they dont like strangers. Barking/Biting = lawsuit. Third, not good with children. And I want children. Fourth, they are very territorial. So after much agonizing, i have decided this breed is not for me.

So what have I decided to train in the wiener dog for. Well take a look.

Yes, I have traded in the mini doxie for the Welsh Corgi. It is still small and overall has a good temperament and doesn't shed much. And how can you not love those huge ears!


Gary said...

That is one of the CUTEST dogs that I have EVER seen!!!

John said...

That dog is a honey! :)