Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am alive and well! I apologize for not blogging sooner but I have been to lazy to absolutely anything this past week. Thanks for everyone for their get well wishes and concerns, it definitely means alot. I dont have much to report on other than the cancer didnt spread to my throat *thank god*, and everything should be ok. I didnt have any real side effects other than a headache, sore neck, and sore jaws. Hopefully everything works like it is supposed to though. My Doctor told me that there is a 20% chance that the treatment will not work and I will have to repeat the process. Yay. Doesnt that sound like fun.

I didnt do much with my days off and I guess that was for the best. Many hours were spent watching tv, sleeping, napping, jacking off, and playing XBox. And not very much time was spent reading sadly. I wasnt able to get any of the books I said I was going to read because none were available at the library I went to get them from. So I grabbed 2 books and only got 1/4 of the way through the one. However, even after writing this at 1 a.m. I am going to read for about an hour because it is an awesome book called SoMa by Kemble Scott.

So like I said, nothing too exciting to report other than the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Superbowl!!!! How exciting is that? For those non-American readers, the Pittsburgh Steelers are our football team here, and the Superbowl is the final championship game for the country. If we win this, we will have won more Superbowls than any other team in the USA which is quite an accomplishment.

And thats all I have for now.


Sam said...

Glad to hear you're ok! :)

Craig said...

Happy to hear you're doing well!

That Guy said...

good news is def FTW.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear youre doing well! Miss you!

Your CT friend you never visit :(

Jay said...

Really glad to hear that everything is ok on your end.

As for the Steelers, I so wish I was able to be in Pittsburgh for the Superbowl!

I need to get someone to FedEx me a Terrible Towel!

JUSTIN said...

Glad you're feeling better!