Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok so Pennsylvania has finally joined many other states and is enacting a smoking ban. It has went through all the necessary legislation and only needs to be signed off by Gov. Ed Rendell whom already said he will sign off on it. After this happens with 90 days 95% of public places will not be able to allow their patrons to smoke!! Now I can finally go to bars and clubs and not come home smelling like a nasty ashtray and my lungs can continue to remain free of those god awful toxins. Pennsylvania prevails!!!


jay said...

About time!

vodka&crackers said...

They brought that in here about 4 years ago.

Beer gardens, smoking areas, and bars and clubs with awnings will be in.

The smokers are is the best place to be, even if you don't smoke. Friends of mine have taken up smoking for an excuse to hang around outside and drink!