Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have a court hearing in two days. I was receiving unemployment now for a while, and my previous employer has filed an appeal against the decision to grant me unemployment benefits. This court hearing will determine if I will be able to continue to put food on my table and put gas in my car let alone make my car payment.

To think about the consequences of a decision not in my favor during this hearing makes me want to just lay in bed and cry. A lot is on the line, and I cant imagine how a decision to take away the majority of my money will affect me. So instead of thinking about if a decision is not in my favor, I have been trying not to think about it at all, because otherwise I will just get sad and depressed. The bf tells me I should plan on the worse, but I am not sure how to plan on losing 90% of my income.

I got a lawyer though. He is a free one that is basically a public defender. He says that I have a good chance on winning so I am trying to keep that playing in the back of my mind. I just want to continue to think positive and not let the worst case scenario be the most likely case.

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