Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Any Good News Yet?

Ummm...Yes! Finally I have some good news to report! I finally got a job. Its not my idea of a real job for me, but its something to provide me with cash for a while. I will be a waiter at a fancy restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. I have nothing against people who are waiters, but I do have a college degree and $70k in loan debt. So lets be honest, I could do a little better. Today was my first day and it went pretty well. I never realized how much training went into people working in fancy restaurants. Its pretty crazy.

On possibly even better news I was granted unemployment benefits. So that means my income will be supplemented with an extra few hundred dollars every week. So this will allow me not to have to struggle to pay the bills every month.

And I finally received my stimulus check. I was supposed to receive it back in the beginning of May, but I never did. After talking to a few of my friends, a good portion of them only received $300 instead of the full $600. They explained that because of their student loans they were not entitled to the full amount. So I figured I was certain that I too would only receive that amount. However, I did get the full $600, so that put a large smile on my face.

I am really relieved that things are finally turning around for me. Now all I need is a job where I am actually using the skills that I went to school for and all things will be where they need to.

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