Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Skimpy Slutty Swimsuits

Due to my new job and my weekly unemployment checks, I am now going to be able to go on a vacation which was planned many months ago. During the week of the 4Th of July, I will be going to Rehoboth Beach with the bf and all of our gay pals. I really look forward to this week long trip to be surrounded with gay men and women like myself. So apparently many of these gay men wear some pretty scandalous swimsuits. Board shorts are not the norm in Rehoboth, but yet square-cut underwear style shorts are the trend. In my attempt to fit in, I too just purchased a few pairs from the wonderful company Aussiebum. Whatcha think?

I will show off the goods and leave little to the imagination. I will be counting down the days...

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