Friday, July 17, 2009

NYC Trip!

Looks like I will be NYC bound for a few days over Labor Day weekend! The bf and I will be coming to attend the Electric Zoo Festival. This is an electronic music festival in Randall Island Park. More importantly, it will only be my second time coming to NYC ever! The first time was a long time ago when I was only 18 so I was never able to REALLY experience the city.

I am thrilled to check out NYC nightlife. As Pittsburgh's gay scene has started to vanish into thin air, it will be great to go to a real city.



Craig said...

Woo hoo! See you here! :-)

Dustin said...

I shall look into this, I've been looking for something to do that weekend cause it's my BD weekend lol.

From what i've heard, NYC's gay nightlife has gone to the crapper (philly's has too).

jay said...

If you're interested in a blogger meetup let me know. Either way enjoy your trip!