Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Post Title

I haven’t completely forgot about this here blog thingy yet. I honestly just haven’t had much stuff worth blogging about plus work has been sort of busy lately. So this post will be about random things in no order, but mostly to fill a post to keep ya’ll happy.

First things first, I may have mentioned this before I am not exactly sure, but the bf has picked up a second job waiting tables in order to keep up with the bills as well as something to keep him busy in the summer. He has summers off due to the field of work he is in, so this will also keep him busy and out of trouble. He is currently employed at both jobs, which hasn’t been the greatest thing. He gets up in the morning and goes to work all day, comes home, changes into his other work clothes, then goes to work again. He strolls in around 11pm on these nights, when I am generally already in bed. I got so used to seeing him everyday and playing house together so this has been sort of hard on me. Although, its probably twice as bad for him because he does in fact work 18 hour days. And that cant be fun. Other than that, I think we have been doing pretty well as of late.

Secondly, my workout/gym routine has been slowing down a lot lately. The motivation I once had has been slowly diminishing and the effects on my body are showing. I’ve lost some muscle mass and my overall strength has gone down. Every week I tell myself I am going to step it up again, but that thought tends to fall flat. I know part of this has to do with the fact that I no longer have the bf there with me to push me and keep me in the gym. So I tend to skip certain workouts and end up leaving early. I am going to do another round of the Mass Cycle stacker program in the middle of June so I can get pumped up again for my vacation in Rehoboth Beach during the week of the 4th of July. So I am thinking that will help the motivation a smidge.

Pittsburgh’s Gay Pride week is quickly approaching. It technically had its kick off this past weekend during the Annual Gay Pride Memorial Day Picnic which I attended with my best bud and a new found friend. It was relaxing and fun. We met new people and got to gawk at the other few hundred gays that attended. Although, there wasn’t much to gawk at. This weekend is officially the beginning of Pride week however, starting on Saturday which is the White Party at Pittsburgh’s newest gay club, Privilege. And then everyday there following is some random event which I wont be partaking in. It all leads up to Saturday June 13th which also happens to be my Birthday. This is the day we have our so called Pride in the Street. Where Liberty Avenue downtown is completely shut down, a huge stage is erected, and DJs and performers play music all damn night. This is only the 3rd year this has been going on in Pittsburgh, and generally has a great turnout. The first year a few thousand people filled the street and crammed the gay bars that line it. That was also the year and day that I met my current bf. That night turned out to be a very long night if you catch my drift. I am excited that this years Pride in the Street lands on my bday because it will be a day long celebration. All my sisters will also be attending the big dance party in the street which should be…interesting.

Yeah, that’s about it.

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