Wednesday, May 6, 2009

District 9

Remember the movie Cloverfield? Of course you do because it was amazing!!! I was obsessed with this movie months before it came out because of the viral marketing that was set up in correlation with the movie. This viral marketing included a "hunt" of new websites that would pop up and give you a back story to the film. It was basically a long drawn out game. And I loved it.

Well now a new movie is doing the same thing. It is called District 9 and it was directed by Peter Jackson so ya know it has to be good. It has a very interesting concept. Its another Alien spaceships invade the earth type of film, however, we have somehow quarantined these Aliens to live amongst people in third world countries. Very odd. Check out the trailer at After the trailer, it brings you to the beginning of the viral "game". Have fun searching the websites and look for clues that will lead you to other websites. Its highly addicting. I cant wait for this movie to come out this summer!

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