Monday, April 6, 2009

The Weekend I Needed...Almost: Part 1

I had an amazing weekend which I very well needed. Due to my extremely stressful week, I was excited to go to a new city and get my mind off of the anxiety that Pittsburgh holds currently. The bf and I left a little late on our trek to our rival city in Cleveland, Ohio. Shortly after leaving, a light came on in my car saying the oil was low, which wasn’t a surprise because I know that the model of my car tends to eat oil the same way some sex pigs eat cum. Vulgar, I know, but I am in a weird mood today. So I pull off at a gas station and go into the store to find some oil. While standing at the counter a cute young girl walks in, probably in her early 20s. She was explained to the store clerk that she had forgot her wallet at her home 30 minutes away but her car was on empty. She asked the clerk if she could give them the numbers to a credit card provided by someone on the phone at her house so that she could buy gas. The store clerk said she would not be able to fulfill this request, and the girl stood there puzzled as to how she was going to be able to get home. Standing there, I had two thoughts run pass my head. I could do absolutely nothing, and knowingly leave a girl stranded at a gas station while she figured out who she knows that can come to her rescue to drop off some cash. I could do this and enact my no more Mr. Nice guy, do the right thing attitude. Or I could be a good person and offer her some cash out of the kindness of my heart because I knew how much she needed someone to step in and help her. So what do you think I did?

I paid up and offered a little cash so that she could get home. When I did this, the store clerk looked at me a little weird, and I said “Hey, if I were in this situation, I would hope someone would offer to do the same for me.” I handed her some cash, received a mercifully thank you, and walked out. And realized as much as I really didn’t want to play the nice guy, it is just who I am inside. If I am able to help someone out, I will do so. Because in the end, we help others out sometimes for no other reason, but to make someone’s life just a little easier. Even though I technically don’t have enough money to even pay all my bills this month, I will try to find some way to get through, and I knew $10 at that moment meant a lot more to her than it did to me.

Moving forward on with my weekend though, we arrived in Cleveland late, where my ex and his boyfriend were waiting for us to meet them so we could all go to dinner. I remain very good friends with all my ex’s and with this one is no exception. We stay with him every time we are in Cleveland and we can do so without anything getting weird. We have our nice little dinner which was filled with good wine, and even better conversation. The check arrives, to which I am waiting for the bill to be passed so that I can figure out what we all owe. However it never made it to my hands. My ex, who is very well off financially knew of the situation with my previous roommate, and knowing the burdens I am facing insisted that he get the check and I could get their bill some other time. And it is when something like this happens; I understand why I am friends with the people that I keep in my life. They are here to help when needed or not needed, and do so because they care. He later pulled me aside and told me if I still ever need anything from him, to simply ask for it, no questions or reasons need to be given. He is there for me because he cares about me as a friend. I nearly broke down in front of him.

Dinner ended, we went our separate ways that night, the bf and I to finally see Deadmau5, and my ex and his bf to see some local band play. I was extremely excited at this point, although a little tired, to get my dance on for the next several hours. And to say the least, the DJ did not disappoint. His music highlighted several electronic techno style beats which no other DJ is doing. This is attributed to his age, as he is only in his mid 20s. While other mainstream DJs are in their 30s and even 40s, they grew up during different music ages in the electronic industry. And it definitely shows. Due to the financial situation I was in I opted to not drink my face off, and ended up only consuming one Rum and Sprite and a bottle of water. And that was all I really needed. See the video below for the finale of his 3 hour set. If you like the song, it’s his own called Faxing Berlin (Piano Acoustic version).

We woke up the next morning, knowing we were going to go to breakfast with my ex and his bf again, at a cute place called Grumpy’s, although the wait staff is anything but that. We had our quaint meal, I picked up the check this time, and we were on our way to visit my parents who live roughly an hour away. Although that time span didn’t take into the account the directions I had printed off from Google maps.

…..Continued in part 2


r u o k ? said...

"you're the french on my bread"

JBGBC said...

I would just like announce that the comment above this one is from my boyfriend!!! This is the first time he has ever commented on my blog!

The link he posted is a very weird song Deadmau5 played during his set.

r u o k ? said...

yeah and I totally messed up my quote . . . I meant to say "you're the french on my toast"