Monday, April 6, 2009

The Weekend I Needed...Almost: Part 2

After a great time in Cleveland came to a close, the bf and I made plans to drive an hour to visit my family because my younger brother turned 16 just a few days earlier. The trip is supposed to take only an hour, traveling mainly on highways. However, I must have used a different website to get directions because this time when I used Google Maps, it took me on all back roads! Which may have been a shorter distance traveling this way, but does not take into account the fact that it is mostly a maximum speed of 35MPH. Which basically means I could run faster than that. With dozens of stop lights, stop signs, and small towns to travel through, this hour drive quickly doubled and was then a 2 hour drive. Not fun when you have things to do.

Once we arrived though, things went smoothly. Nothing too exciting to talk about here though. At what point my mom and the bf got into a debate on Obama, abortions, and politics, to which i exited the room, closed the french doors behind and put pillows over my head. I cant stand listening to people debate on these topics anymore. After a few minutes I can hear my mom's voice getting raised a little because she gets excited, so i quickly called for their conversation to end.

The rest of the visit went well. We ended up being given a picture of the Virgin Mary because as my mom put it, "We needed something holy in our new place" to which I gave some smart ass comment which I was chastised for. I also was able to take some old baby pictures of myself to show to you all. So here is wittle baby Jeffy and then me at the age of 4. Enjoy!

After the family visit, we had to race back to Pittsburgh because I had friends from Erie, PA coming down to visit and stay with us. We were going to take them out to our new favorite Thai Restaurant and then take them out to the gay club because they dont really have one in Erie, PA. Even though the bf and I were extremely tired from dancing the night before and from all the driving, we still manage to appear bright eyed and bushy tailed for my friends. We all had a great time and once I get the plethora of photos that my friend took that night, i will be sure to post them.

The next day i decided to give them the grand tour of Pittsburgh. Taking them to all the hot spots so they too can experience why i sometimes love this city. It was a beautiful day outside, so i wanted to take advantage of that even though all i wanted to do secretly was sunbathe on my couch watching re-runs of Project Runway. But we all had a great time out getting fresh air.

So other than not getting much relaxation time in, it was great spending my weekend with friends who are all amazing people. And I think I needed that more than rest and relaxation.

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