Friday, April 24, 2009


Man oh man, I feel like my life has been in a whirlwind of crap lately. I can't necessarily say things are bad, just stressful. I sit up late at night wanting all my problems and issues to go away and fix themselves so that I can finely get a good night sleep or have to worry about them all day while I am at work. It seems like forever since literally everything in my life has been going the way it should. In fact, I dont remember a time when it ever really has in recent memory. There is always something. It is like the mosquito that never seems to go away no matter how much bug spray you put on.

I have been having alot of health related issues as of late due to my doctor taking me off a medication I should have been on. The consequences of being off this medication include: weight gain *not the good kind, always being cold, poor circulation, chest pain, drowsiness all the time, troublesome sleeping despite being extremely tired, very dry skin which led to my hands bleeding, morning sickness, muscle pains, foot pain, and the list goes on.

All of these issues are from me no longer having a Thyroid. However the doctor screwed something up along the way and I was left to suffer. i started on my meds again today so hopefully I should see things getting better. Thank god, cause I need some sleep.

If not previously mentioned, I finally also filed the necessary paperwork to take my previous roommate to court. I have a court date in May which I am completely ready for and have way over prepared. Lets just say, I should have this one in the bag. I have been in contact with my legal advisory team comprised of friends whom are lawyers/attorneys etc who have all helped me along in gathering evidence and any paperwork I may need. They all said I will without a doubt be winning this case due to my documentation of everything.

Finances are a tad tight due to the previous roommate never coming through with the money that was owed to me. So I have to decide every month which bills are going to not get paid or just not paid on time. Which sucks but I am too stubborn to stop and ask for help from people who have offered to assist me. But I frankly hate owing people money therefore refuse to ask for it unless it is absolutely necessary. this is probably the most stressing for me at the moment. I hate being behind on bills, and I hate the annoying calls from companies asking where my money is at. I even told one of the companies that my previous roommate was holding it hostage and therefore couldnt pay. They didnt find it as humorous as I apparently did.

In effort to curb depression from kicking in, I look to humor to drag myself out of these situations. Which in terms of using too much humor sometimes have caused more issues. Some people havent been able to take too much of me and my weirdness/wackiness and get mad at me, even though it is my only outlet to make myself feel good for that moment. I understand though that after a while, I do tend to get annoying.

However, at least for this weekend, i want it to be stress free. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous....So I want my mood to match the sunshine. I am going to attempt to not worry about the things that are stressing me out, and I just want to enjoy myself in every way possible.

Well that should bring everyone up to speed for the most part. Next week should be less busy for me, so I should be able to blog more often as it appears I have neglected this here blog for the past few weeks. Have a great weekend!!


JUSTIN said...

You might possibly be tired of people telling you this, but hang in there! You strike me a smart, capable guy and I'm sure you'll figure everything out. Be well.

Ginger said...

I am sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time right now. It all seems to hit at once, doesn't it? But then one day everything falls into place and all the bad stuff leaves as quickly as it came. Just keep trucking along and know that day will be coming!