Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of them Days

This may sound really odd, corny, and possibly girly, but do you ever have days where you just want to go home lay on a couch or a bed and have someone hold you? I have those days every once in a while. I generally do most of the holding when laying in bed or snuggled up next to my man. I would be considered the big spoon or as I call it the tablespoon holding my little teaspoon when spooning. So its a little weird when i am the one who wants to be wrapped in someone else's big muscly arms. I had one of those days yesterday so I decided to skip the gym. But instead of being held I guess I opted for me being alone to watch Queer as Folk in my bedroom as the bf stayed downstairs so he could play his XBox unaware of me wanting to be in his arms. I decided not to let him know because he says he never gets to play the Xbox anymore so I let him enjoy it for a few hours instead.

I've been trying to get out of this weird funk I have been in. I accomplished that this weekend by not really thinking about my bills or other stresses, and in a sense ignored the fact that they were there by focusing on the beautiful weather. However, Pittsburgh is back to its normal self with rain and clouds which doesn't help either.

Anyways, I will make an honest attempt to keep from complaining about my issues when I know some of my readers are suffering from bigger issues of their own...such as having their car stolen. :( Because lets be honest, that definitely sucks.

Hopefully May will prove to be a better month than April. Here is to looking forward to a new month!



VpO said...

hung in there bud! This rough patch will soon pass.

JUSTIN said...

This April can fuck itself.

sebastian said...

1. This too shall pass - so hang in there.
2. Make your needs known to your bf, but also allow him to indulge his own needs without recrimination.
3. You may be aware of this, but check out the epidemiology of thyroid cancer in western and northwestern PA. It is a high incidence area. Go to a support group, and raise hell if you want to.
4. Be aggressive with your endocrinologist. I know people who have been screwed by theirs, and raise questions and a holy hell when you do not get the individualized attention that you deserve - and that you are paying for.
5. You are one fine looking man. Enjoy the compliment, it is sincere.

Nathan West said...

ouch, a rough patch, hang tight, u r tough as bro!

Meade said...

Why is it girly to want to be held? Does your partner think it's girly when he wants it? Tell him you want it. Don't be a martyr.