Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Speech Heard Around The World

You know the one I am talking about. Hillary's speech given at the DNC last night. Wow, was that a powerful speech. She even gave a quick little shout out to us gays and how we deserve equality. Thanks Hillary! Before she actual went on stage, reporters were discussing things that she should say, things she shouldn't say, and what she should do to unite our party. Well, after she spoke and exited the stage, most Dems would say she did what she needed to do to get those swing voters and make die hard Hillary fans to realize from this point what needs to happen so that McCain does not get in office.

I dont really understand the people that say they wont vote for Obama now that Hillary isnt the Democratic nominee. Okay, lets break it down. I loved Hillary too. I was just as sad and upset when she lost to Obama. But lets face it, despite him not having experience, can he honestly do any WORSE than McCain would do. I dont think so. He might not have the most experience, but he does have a plan. And that is something to start with.

I feel as though people who are going to write in Hillary's name on their ballot come September, are simply wasting their vote. Obviously at this point there is no way she can win. She said it herself that we all need to do the right thing and support Obama so that Dems can once again sit in the White House and make better decisions. People need to stop being bitter and start being realistic. Would Hillary have made a better President? Abso.fucking.lutely! But she is not going to be. Now Dems need to unite and support Obama because why should we make it any easier for McCain to sit in the oval office.

K. I'm done.

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