Sunday, August 24, 2008


On Friday the bf and I went to see Nine Inch Nails at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio. Well the concert was was absolutely amazing. They played for roughly two and a half hours and it was the most visually stunning concert I have ever been too. I have to be honest though. The highlight of my night may have been the after party that we went to at a bar called Peabodys. The bar was a dump, it was full of gothic people, but I was amazed and sickened by what I saw by the end of the night. Its hard to describe everything I had seen that night, luckily I have pictures for viewing below. When we first arrived at the bar, there was a a fetish group putting on a show called Elise's Playground. Woman were standing in their underwear with taped X's over their nipples getting whipped and flogged, and guys wearing leather gas masks and mesh shirts were getting the same treatment. This was weird but nothing prepared me for the next act. It was these two guys who had been piercing themselves with these long hooks which they attached a metal chain and using their bodies, they were basically playing tug of war with the skin and this chain. By the end of it, they were both covered in their own blood, but yet they seemed oddly satisfied. Weird.

Here are the pics from the NIN show and the after party.

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