Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Journey

Since last November, I have been searching for a job. All of you who still read this know this fact. You have sat here through all of my complaining and bitching. However, this will hopefully all come to an end.

I found out today that I got the job I have been wanting all along. Starting on August 25th I will be the newest Buyer for a large company here in Pittsburgh. My god I thought this day would never come as I have been waiting too long for it to happen. Its the job I want, the salary I want, and most importantly, its the 8-5 job that I miss so much.

It finely seems as though, everything is finally coming together the way it should. They always say, when it rains it pours. And that couldnt be any true than with my life. I was going through the roughest patch that I have ever experienced, but I have reached that light at the end of the tunnel that I thought would never come. My relationship seems to be back to the way it should be, I got the job I have been wanting, and now everything else will fall into place in time. I need my health to get better, which it will once I am back on my medication. I want to move out of my cat pee aroma filled apartment and get a nice new pad to live in.

What a long journey this has been. I cant say i grew a ton from it, other than I know how not to react now in certain situations, but I am glad this journey is coming to an end. My new posts will hopefully be back to the same witty and funny ways that they used to be. For the few of you who still read, thanks for sticking it out through the depressing posts, and I promise to make it up to ya. ;)

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