Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Socially Accepted

Things have obviously been going pretty well for me as of late. And even God knows that it was about time for that to happen. Well something that I havent talked about yet is my social life as it is nowadays. Lets say 3 months ago, I hung out strictly with the bfs friends other than one friend whom I hung out with consistently. Well now, my social life couldnt be going better. I have a nice small group of friends who I hang out with now every weekend and maybe one or two days during the week. I actually see them more than I see the bf.

I am so frickin happy that I am forming a group of friends that are actually all around great guys. They are drama free and know how to have a good time. These type of people are rare. i just lost one member of the clan though. My one friend who is definitely the most outgoing of the group, left yesterday to start his new job as a Vice President of something important for a company in Hartford, CT. His presence will be deeply missed.

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this made my day!