Friday, August 17, 2007

The Big Gay Apple

I am currently on a conference call, so I might mess up a few of my sentences, and I dont really go over what I write so I apologize for the potential screwups. In regards to "the boy", things have been going pretty well. I find myself wanting to spend more time with him as things progress, and its hard because not only am I constantly traveling, but I dont want to potentially smother him with myself. I am always worried about pushing too hard, going too fast, or falling too hard myself. I wear my heart on my sleeve which has put me in the past in shitty situations. However, everything has been amazing so far.

He is currently in New York City for the weekend, so I wont see him til Sunday. :( He really has been everything I look for in a guy. He makes me laugh, he is emotionally stable, has a good job, and of course he is hot. I feel lucky to have him in my life right now. In regards to being in NYC, I am feeling a little anxious for him to get back. I dont really love the fact that he is in the Big Apple, going to gay bars there with his friends who are all single. He is extremely attractive and always has people eyeing him up and down or trying to flirt. I always have trust for someone until they betray me. So I dont think he would do anything that would hurt our relationship, but I can still feel apprehensive, right? Or am I an ass for feelin this way?

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jay said...

It's fine to be a lil jealous. Shows how much you care. Just don't let it get to you. He's yours and once you two are in sync nothing to fear.