Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google is Bad for America

I recently came across an article that contained some pictures of the inside of the Google headquarters. As I clicked on each of the pictures to embiggen them, I realized just how not fun my job or work environment is. And then as I thought more about it, no other company is probably quite like Google. The idea of "You work best when you are having fun" is not something that is implemented by most, even though it really does make sense. Its disappointing and depressing.

I come to work each day with my dress slacks, shined up shoes, and dress shirt as designated by company policy. All god damn day I am uncomfortable. Every hour or so I have to re tuck my shirt in my pants since no one has yet to invent something to keep a dress shirt tucked in. I have to take off my shoes because Kenneth Cole has yet to make a shoe that is actually comfortable. And you know who I do this for? No one. I see the same people everyday and they all look as miserable as I am. Why does a company enforce a dress policy that inhibits people to not be comfortable. most companies operate this way. There is really no point to have you get all dressed up as you just sit in your cubicle all day answering phone calls and emails, but we will keep doing it just in case someone important, one day, far in the future, comes to pay a special visit to little ol me.


So now anytime anyone who is in a similar predicament as myself looks at Google and their fancy schmancy slides, nap rooms, and game rooms, try not to get too depressed. Because most of America is suffering just like you.


green and purple said...

Yeah, but Google has it's downside too. They work insane hours from what I hear. There's a reason they provide three meals a day and nap rooms - people spend too long at work.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, your profile indicates that you are a buyer.

It's not Google, but have you ever considered working for a company like Pittsburgh-based Dick's sporting goods? They are surprisingly progressive.

They've just completed a phenomenal new corporate headquarters. They refer to their employees as players. It's business casual, flexible hours, and plenty of free parking. They have good benefits and discounts on sportswear and equipment.

Their new headquarters has walking paths, basketball and tennis courts, a fitness center, and a cafe.

A friend of mine works there and loves it. Check it out.