Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life Check

After receiving the bad news of not getting the new job, I was pretty devastated. I kept it cool for the most part and put on my smiley face for everyone, but inside I couldnt have been more broken up. I hated talking about it, and it seemed as though thats all everyone around me wanted to talk about.

Its now been a week since I got the bad news, and I have had lots of time to reflect on everything. I am in a much different mind frame to say the least. As much as I wanted the job and the new house. I am content for the time being with my current job and my current residence. And the fact that I do have a job and do have a roof over my head makes me grateful.

I am also grateful that I have health insurance....My nice segway into the healthcare reform debate. Well, it passed, and honestly, I think this is the beginning of something good. Do I think this is a perfect bill, with absolutely grand outcomes for all of America, No. However, I think it is something we can build on and fix things along the way. You cant reform something as large as the entire Healthcare industry and please everyone. The more I read about it and inform myself of the facts and am able to dig through both the democratic and republican smut, here is what I can conclude in an extremely generalized fashion. This bill is going to give people healthcare that didnt have it before. I think good healthcare is something that everyone should. It shouldnt be a luxury for Americans. If I have to pay a little more in taxes, and have a little more taken out of my paycheck so that people who live down the street for me who cant afford the high cost of health insurance, why not.

The Golden Rule applies as usually does, and when i was without insurance for several years, I wish someone would have come to me and offered to help me out. Especially when I got sick and had medical issues, and got bills in the mail that made me sick to my stomach. I was in college and had no insurance and because of preexisting conditions, my premiums were too high for me to afford. But apparently some people think that is ok. Some people think, Ive got health insurance, who cares if you do. And its a shame. Its also a shame that scare tactics and outright lies were spread in order to create a backlash. But that is the type of government we have. This makes me feel as though we are just like every other government in the world.

And thats my rant.


JC said...

I can absolutely relate to the downtrodden feeling with not getting the job. You get your hopes up, you begin to make plans and see what could be in you head, then you get the news that what you were seeing is not to be right now. It is devastating.

I had the same thing happen 3 weeks ago. It seemed that everything was falling into place for this new job I wanted, plus I was looking at the prospect of living in a house on the lake. Then, BAM, out of nowhere I learn that the board chooses not to fill the position. All the hopes and plans I had went out the window. I didn't handle it as well as you did. Luckily I was alone on the interstate for several hours. I was able to get all of the anger out before I got home. Yes, my three hour trip turned into a 5 1/2 hour trip since I had to stop and walk off the anger.

To make it worse, everyone I knew asked me what happened on Monday. I finally sent an email to all my friends explaining the situation and asked to not discuss it for a bit because of the feelings it brought on in me.

But, now I take it as a sign that my work here is not finished. I am still needed here for some reason that will hopefully show itself sometime soon.

Continue to look up and look forward. You will get the dreams you seek someday soon.

Take care!

green and purple said...

I agree with your comments on health care reform. This country doesn't have much cohesiveness lately, it seems to be everyone out for himself, which is no way to be.

I am also sorry to hear that you didn't get the job.

Anonymous said...

I'm with on the health care reform topic. I am lucky to have a good job that provides me with decent health care. But about a year ago my employer cut some jobs due to the economic downturn. My best friend - who worked at the same company was let go. He, his wife, and their three children were at risk of loosing their health care. Both my friend and his wife have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from getting insurance in the open market. His only hope was to get a full time non-contract job at a good company. Luckily he did - and just as his COBRA coverage was running out.

I think most people don't realize just how close they are to loosing their health care - and once that's gone - you can quickly loose everything.

Anonymous said...

good thoughts on healthcare. i remember not having it between graduation and getting a job. sucked.

i won't mind shelling out a few extra bucks so that the crackwhore's unfortunate child will be able to see a doctor.

however, my biggest concern with this issue it the potential for public funding of abortion. i don't want my tax dollars paying for someone killing their child. they can do that with their own money.

Anonymous said...

I commend you openness and honesty with your emotions.

After understandable, initial disappointment, you are, after reflection, taking a mature, high-road approach.

Compliments, also, on the b&w photo choice.