Friday, October 2, 2009

Love, Peace, Donuts, and Hypocrisy

Go here for the story coming out of Pittsburgh to which I am talking about then continue reading my post. K Thanks.

So, here is my feelings on this. How can you call your business "Peace, Love, and Little Donuts" but yet not promote those very things. As in many cases though, its another Christian who spouts love, understanding, and tolerance, but cant deliver on those same principles that they preach. I will be spreading the word about around the Burgh for people not to spend their dollars there and opt for the gay owned Dozen Bakery instead. We can just take our gay money to another business. No big deal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jeff, for posting about this. As a gay Pittsburgher, I appreciate knowing about which businesses may be gay friendly or anti-gay. I won't be getting any of my Strip District calories from Peace, Love, and Little Donuts. And, I will be trying Dozen Bakery. Go Steelers!

Cyrus said...

I'm just choking on the hypocrisy!

Thanks for posting this. Next time I'm in the 'Burgh (which is a few times per year), I'll be sure to make a special trip to Dozen Bakery - and I swear I'll give away all that I buy. I swear.

Anonymous said...

haha you must be bored. The fact that you do not agree with the views of a business, due to the fact that that business does not agree with your views, seems extremely hypocritical. I know you wouldn't agree with me of course, since I do not agree with you. That is how this works right? Apparently anyone who disagrees with you is wrong. Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Gay money?

What are you talking about. You are claiming to own something that is government property, putting an ideology behind what is not yours.

Work the hype and keep being a hypocrite yourself. Maybe it is time to examine where YOUR perspective comes from and put your self in another's shoes. (are they gay shoes too?)

I only mean to make a point that you are claiming what is not yours and stealing another's livelihood. What does that make you?

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand the third and fourth comments.

I don't need to agree with the religious beliefs, politics, or philosophy of a business or its owner in order to patronize it.

I am not Jewish, but I am pleased to shop at numerous Jewish owned establishments.

I am a liberal Democrat, but that does not stop me from doing business with a Republican.

This is a free country -- more free for some than others -- and we can do business with whomever we choose.

Boycotts are a time-proven, effective tool as a catalyst for change.

If I perceive a business to be my adversary, why would I spend my hard-earned dollars to support it?

I believe that civil marriage is a civil right. As a gay person, it seems counterproductive to me to enrich someone who is against my rights.

JBGBC said...

I do not completely understand the 3rd and 4th comments either. I think they are using too big of words that they dont understand. Hypocrisy isnt the same a disagreeing. Hypocrisy is saying/preaching one thing and doing another. Thats clearly what this business is doing. Even if the business was called The Donut Shop and I found out they do not like homosexuals, I still wouldnt go to your business and give you my money. Why would I do that? Ill go by donuts from someone who supports us and our cause. It just makes sense.

And by me disagreeing with you doesnt mean that I think you are wrong, it just means that I dont share the same view as you. I respect your view, I just dont support it.

Simon said...

The great thing about America is that we all are free to have our beliefs and make our own choices within reason. The owner of Peace Love and Little Donuts obviously has CHOOSEN to express his views as a BIGOT who doesn't like Gay people in a public forum. Clearly the author of Circle in a World of Squares is a gay man who is going to CHOOSE to spend his money elsewhere. That is his right, and it is his right to urge others to support other non-bigot owned Donut Shops.

I do think the owner of the shop is a bit silly by in one moment expressing anti-gay views and in another urging people to come buy donuts and feed their inner-hippie. I don't think many people's inner-hippies would actually eat the donuts from this shop if they new the owner was a hater.

Go to Dozens in Lawrenceville. Its good and easier to park there on the weekends.

The end.

Anonymous said...

I am the first anonymous commenter above. True to my word, I made a purchase at Dozens late this (Saturday) afternoon. I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with Lawrenceville. I went to the tiny Dozens outpost near the intersection of Forbes and Murray in Squirrel Hill.

What can I say. I lost my Dozens virginity, and this is a good! Everything looked delicious. The young ladies who were behind the counter were very friendly and explained that at this hour of the day they had sold out of a few of the most popular items.

I asked them if they were aware of the controversy with the bigot donut man in the Strip District, and they said they were, but they acted in a very professional way about it.

I bought some kind of a disgustling delicious caramel pecan shortbread bar -- it should be classified as a controlled substance. I'm trying to wait until later tonight to eat the milk chocolate cupcake (while I'm watching the hot, hot, hot Ryan Reynolds host Saturday Night Live).

It's a good thing for my waistline that I don't live close to Squirrel Hill. I have had some kick-ass chocolate chip cookies from a bakery a few blocks down Murray...Allegro something...and now Dozens.

I guess it's time for this suburbanite to get to locating and exploring Lawrenceville. At least, I've heard of it.

Jeff, I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, thank you for your views. I just read an article in the Post- Gazete about this donut shop. This was the first I have heard about this shop. I probably will not shop there. The owner is trying to seperate his views from the shop he owns. If I spend money there, it will go into his pocket. Not good.He can have his views. I will spend my money else where.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the donut shop doesn't hate gay people. Disagreement with people doesn't translate to hatred unless it is the LGBT community and how it reacts to anyone who does not approve of their lifestyle and agenda. I've read the hate mail and blogs over this issue and the collusion in the LGBT community is transparent. Keep up the work. It's resulting in long lines streaming out of the business. I guess you will never learn that aggressive, hostel behavior and rhetoric from the militant left is perfect evidence of the lack of balance that thoughtful people look for.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous commenter that immediately preceeds this comment certainly is "hostel" not to mention hostile.

I work in the Strip District. Believe me, there are not long lines streaming out of this business.

One of my co-workers brought in some Friday morning donuts from this place. They were decent, but that's all.

bingo love said...

I too do not understand why churches nowadays spend so much time on hating and banning and other name-calling..or maybe not in an obvious manner but are somewhat leading people to that way. Why can they not let the people be the kind of people that they want to be?

curiouspirals said...

Just wanted to say that that jerk that owns the peace love and little doughnuts has nothing to do with the store in oakland. My extended family opened that store, and I am gay , and they are really upset by what that pastor said and now they have been harassed and it's not cool. They opened their own store completely separate ownership from the other, so please just consider that they are different. and keep protesting that other store!