Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tatty McTatters

So even though my last post was several weeks ago and I stated that I would post pics of my new tattoo the next day, I obviously lied. So for those that waited around all day for the pictures, I am sorry I ruined your Saturday. I decided against posting the pictures because my skin was all red and raw and it wasn't too sexy. Then my skin turned yellow around the tattoo so I decided to wait until it was all healed up. Yes it hurt like a bitch, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a god damn liar. So here it is.


Anonymous said...

your ink looks good and well executed. Been thinking of getting another one.


J@v@JuNKo said...

sexy pics with awesome ink! my favourite! It would be cool if you'd tell us about the design and it's meaning why you chose it if there is one behind it!

Anonymous said...

I second J@v@JuNKo's comment.

Sexy pics with awesome ink.

What's the significance of the ascending birds?

Hope you can do a video next time.

desmond said...

Woah that looks really nice :D how long did it take? and did you have to get drunk before you got it?

Mind Of Mine said...

They are amazing!