Friday, October 1, 2010

It Gets Better

There is a recent project that has taken way online called the It Gets Better Project which was started by syndicated sex columnist and author, Dan Savage. This project is aimed towards young gay teens t let them know that despite the ridicule and bullying that they could possibly be going through now for being gay, that life gets better once you leave school and they won’t have to go through life being tormented forever. This has come to light in more recent events of gay teenage suicides happening all too regularly now. It seems every few days I see or hear another story of a gay teen killing themselves because of the harassment they endure from other kids.

I do plan on making one of these videos once I can collect my thoughts on what it is exactly I want to say. Even though I had it pretty easy in school, I would be lying if I said I was never picked on, physically hit, or called a faggot by some asshole in school. The weird part was, it seemed people knew I was gay even before I did. As early as middle school people would pick on me and call me a faggot or homo. I honestly don’t think I admitted to myself that I was possibly gay until the middle of high school. So it appears those middle school jocks have amazing gaydar and are probably off sucking a dick as we speak.

Nonetheless, here are two videos from the It Gets Better Project. One by the founder Dan Savage and his Partner, and the other by a Bear named Michael. Ill post mine once it is created.


Michael Rivers said...

I want to do this too. So sad this is still going on. Keep us posted on your video.

Anonymous said...

This is an inspired project.

I know you will do a good job with your video, and I look forward to viewing it.

This is important. You may save a life.

BosGuy said...

If there is a silver lining to this otherwise really upsetting story line it is the response from people all over the country. People of all walks of life have stepped forward; even if it is those who are famous that have been highlighted - parents, neighbors, friends and siblings have all recognized how important it is to speak up.

Its also a reminder of how terrible life must have been when virtually everyone lived in the closet and felt isolated.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what BosGuy had to say.

I don't think most younger and middle-aged gay men have any idea of how difficult being homosexual was for men who are now in their sixties, seventies, and beyond.

Believe me, many of them didn't think of remaining in the closet as a choice. It was more an issue of survival, often depending on profession and locale.

malditera said...

I would have to agree with Anonymous, even though I am supporting the "It Gets Better" movement. Having just finished watching Ray Charles' movie, another question just hit me...what if you were gay and colored during the time of the segregation? That must have been really really difficult...