Monday, September 14, 2009

Takin a Breather

Wow, work has been kickin my ass so I apologize for not posting anything significant for a while. So lets get right into it.

NYC was amazing!

I may have been a little selfish during this mini vacation by basically making the plans for the group for our days there, however this was my first vacation where I actually got to do what I wanted to do without someone else making the plans for me. There was some grumbling throughout the trip with our wonderful and handsome hostess about going to certain places like the club Pacha, or going to tourist ridden areas such as Times Square, or Central Park, but overall I think he even managed to have a good time when he decided to divert his eyes and fingers from his Blackberry. Well hopefully he at least semi enjoyed himself.

We had only one problem during the trip. It had to do with the show Wicked. You see, I am a Buyer at my job, and one of my suppliers had offered to buy me and my friends tickets to go see the show. He called me a few days before my trip to confirm they were purchased and that everything will be at theater and under my name. However, after arriving and standing in line to pick them up, what I feared most happened. No tickets were there. Not under my name, my suppliers name, neither of our companies names. So basically we were screwed. We were lookin all pretty with no where to go. A queen’s biggest nightmare. But luckily the bar Therapy was right around the corner, so we dipped in for a drink and headed out shortly there afterwards.

The NYC Eagle was exactly what I had expected it to be. Dark, a little dirty, filled with bears. And I loved it. The music was good although there was no dancing, the porn on the TVs were hot, and the beers were somewhat cheap. I hung out the entire time with my two older bear friends whom celebrated their 11 year anniversary a few days prior. John and Miff reside on the tip of Staten Island and make their weekly trip to the Eagle on Sundays. They gave us the grand tour of the building, even circling me around the 2nd floor pool table where everyone was either jacking off, getting blowjobs, or getting fucked. It was quite the site to see. We kept mostly to ourselves though on the roof in the corner where we could actually hold a conversation without having to scream over all the woofiness. I cant wait to go back.

Also I have to add that before we went to the Eagle, the bf and I made a pit stop at the Gym Bar where we ran into 2 bears who I had seen on Logo’s Documentary called Bear Run. Since I had just seen it a few days before that I had their faces still engraved in my memory so when I saw them in the bar, we approached them and struck up conversation with Michael and Louie from the movie. They were very gracious and we ended up talking to them for almost an hour. So that sort of made my night. We then had an amazing dinner at a restaurant in Chelsea called The Cafeteria which may have been made famous by Sex and the City.

I wont dive into everything I did as most would be quite boring to relay, but all in all, I left very satisfied and very tired. I danced for a total probably 13 to 14 hours over the course of my trip and I could’ve kept on going if it wasn’t for my friends who just couldn’t seem to keep up. We also walked more than I ever want to remember. I am not a huge walking fan.

I still haven’t even looked at any of the photos that I took during my trip but once I get around to it, I will post them on my Flickr page.

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I think you mean divert instead of overt.