Friday, January 7, 2011

Take 2

This blog here thingy sure has been a boring POS hasnt it. I have put considerable thought into dropping this thing but as I read through my posts, I realize how much I actually enjoy chronicling my less than exciting life. So, for now, it has been saved. And even though I have said it in the past 10 posts, I really do want to post more regularly. I dont know if it will get back to several posts a day but at least a few a week.

Hopefully I still have a few people that stuck around for the rest of the show, otherwise hopefully I can pick up some new friends along the way. I do have some new things happening in my life such as the struggle to keep up with my dog which is still a daily hardship. My man and I have also started to build a house next to the city which in 9 months when it is completed should have a pretty sweet view of the skyline right from our front door. And hopefully a new job is right around the corner. Fingers crossed.

So feel free to read on through fellow readers. More to come, I promise!

Mucho gracias!


J@v@JuNKo said...

Still here for the show....That was that longest commercial break ever. Blog when you want! Just think in 30 years if there is still internets how fun it will be too look back on your posts! It's all about quality not quantity ;) Good luck with your new house, exciting times, hope lots of windows for that skyline view! love the pic, worthy of "Hottie Break" post on the JJB for sure!

BosGuy said...

I understand and know what you mean about posting on a blog. It is something I enjoy but I can't say that every post I've put on my blog is stellar.

However, I have a crappy memory and need to have something to read in my old age. Otherwise I'm afraid I'll forget about all the ups and downs.

Keep it up and good luck in 2011.


Mike said...

Glad to see you back (and of course, glad to read another Pittsburgh blog), can't wait to read more (when you can, no pressure!)

Brian Cleary said...

Welcome Back Slacker

Anonymous said...

hey! look who's back! shit i havn't posting either. so lazy. haha.