Friday, June 27, 2008

Gay Zombies

Thought this was extremely funny!

Rehoboth Betch!

Well the time has finally come for me to enjoy a nice little getaway from Pittsburgh. I will be leaving tomorrow morning to take the 7 hour trek to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. I will be going with the bf and 10 of our other good friends. We will be there for an entire week, and I am looking forward to bathing in the sunlight everyday on the beach watching all the gays walkin around in their square cut swimsuits and the lesbians walking around in their flannel tank tops. 7 full days of this! Cant wait to get my drink on, my dance on, and my tan on!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have a court hearing in two days. I was receiving unemployment now for a while, and my previous employer has filed an appeal against the decision to grant me unemployment benefits. This court hearing will determine if I will be able to continue to put food on my table and put gas in my car let alone make my car payment.

To think about the consequences of a decision not in my favor during this hearing makes me want to just lay in bed and cry. A lot is on the line, and I cant imagine how a decision to take away the majority of my money will affect me. So instead of thinking about if a decision is not in my favor, I have been trying not to think about it at all, because otherwise I will just get sad and depressed. The bf tells me I should plan on the worse, but I am not sure how to plan on losing 90% of my income.

I got a lawyer though. He is a free one that is basically a public defender. He says that I have a good chance on winning so I am trying to keep that playing in the back of my mind. I just want to continue to think positive and not let the worst case scenario be the most likely case.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Few Too Many Songs of the Second

The first 5 songs are from the new Tiesto album, Search for Sunrise: Asia

1. Andy Duguid feat. Leah


2. Rachel Starr

To Forever (Moonbeam Remix)

3. Jerry Ropero feat. Cozi

The Storm (Inpetto Remix)

4. Kamui

Get Lifted

5. Cary Brothers

Ride (Tiesto Remix)

6. Katy Perry

I Kissed A Girl

7. Jesse McCartney


8. Cyndi Lauper

Into the Nightlife

9. Duffy

Mercy (Gareth Wyn Remix)

Slowed Down Laughter

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Here in Pittsburgh, our Pride week has come. Every year Pride becomes a bigger and bigger deal. Last year was the biggest celebration we have had to date and this year is going to be even bigger. Last years pride was also the first day I met my bf. So that is a good time. In fact we celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. :) This is quite an accomplishment in the gay community.

Saturday marks the big celebration for Pride when they down a few streets in downtown Pittsburgh and set up a large stage where performers and DJs will spin music into all hours of the night. A few thousand people showed up last year, so I am excited to see how many people we will get this year.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday the 13th

Something makes this Friday the 13th a little more special than normal. Why is this you ask? Because its my Birthday!!! Yes, on this June 13th I will be turning a whopping 23 years old. So that means 23 years ago I was being popped out of my mothers vagina and spewed pussy juice all over a hospital floor. I will be celebrating this momentous occasion by having a quaint little dinner at a restaurant called Kaya with a few of my favorite people followed by drinking my face off all night long. Yay for me, boo for my liver.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok so Pennsylvania has finally joined many other states and is enacting a smoking ban. It has went through all the necessary legislation and only needs to be signed off by Gov. Ed Rendell whom already said he will sign off on it. After this happens with 90 days 95% of public places will not be able to allow their patrons to smoke!! Now I can finally go to bars and clubs and not come home smelling like a nasty ashtray and my lungs can continue to remain free of those god awful toxins. Pennsylvania prevails!!!


Here is a message for all of you people who once backed Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee, but due to her recent succession, now will not be voting for Obama. First of all, I just don't understand how you think 4 more years of another Bush style era is better than voting for Obama. I have heard all of the arguments that just don't make much sense. A lot of people say "We don't know what Obama is capable of, and we are not sure exactly what he stands for yet." We might not know exactly what he stands for, we can only go off of what he has said. Does he have as much experience as McCain? Not even close. But the fact of the matter is that, as a gay man, I know what McCain does stand for. He doesn't want me to be able to get married, adopt, or join the military *which I would never do anyways. This man is bad for me and bad for most if not all gay people in America. So it strikes me dumb when I hear gay people say they will vote for McCain now. Just think about. Can 4 years of Obama really be as bad as 4 years of McCain. No, I think not. So get your heads on straight, get over the fact that Hillary lost *I am sad too, and realize what is better for our country. We had a horrible Republican in the office for 8 years now, lets do the right thing and not let that happen again.
Point Made...

Lastly, thought this was sort of funny. (Click to embiggen)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Album of the Second

I have never done an actual post on a whole album, but I recently found an album where every song I listened to, I actually loved. Literally every song is amazing, and this is very rare for this to happen. So I give you, the album of the Second!

Angels & Airwaves: I-Empire

Call to Arms
Everything's Magic
Breathe **My favorite
Love Like Rockets
Secret Crowds
Star of Bethlehem
True Love
Jumping Rooftops
Rite of Spring

Skimpy Slutty Swimsuits

Due to my new job and my weekly unemployment checks, I am now going to be able to go on a vacation which was planned many months ago. During the week of the 4Th of July, I will be going to Rehoboth Beach with the bf and all of our gay pals. I really look forward to this week long trip to be surrounded with gay men and women like myself. So apparently many of these gay men wear some pretty scandalous swimsuits. Board shorts are not the norm in Rehoboth, but yet square-cut underwear style shorts are the trend. In my attempt to fit in, I too just purchased a few pairs from the wonderful company Aussiebum. Whatcha think?

I will show off the goods and leave little to the imagination. I will be counting down the days...

Any Good News Yet?

Ummm...Yes! Finally I have some good news to report! I finally got a job. Its not my idea of a real job for me, but its something to provide me with cash for a while. I will be a waiter at a fancy restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. I have nothing against people who are waiters, but I do have a college degree and $70k in loan debt. So lets be honest, I could do a little better. Today was my first day and it went pretty well. I never realized how much training went into people working in fancy restaurants. Its pretty crazy.

On possibly even better news I was granted unemployment benefits. So that means my income will be supplemented with an extra few hundred dollars every week. So this will allow me not to have to struggle to pay the bills every month.

And I finally received my stimulus check. I was supposed to receive it back in the beginning of May, but I never did. After talking to a few of my friends, a good portion of them only received $300 instead of the full $600. They explained that because of their student loans they were not entitled to the full amount. So I figured I was certain that I too would only receive that amount. However, I did get the full $600, so that put a large smile on my face.

I am really relieved that things are finally turning around for me. Now all I need is a job where I am actually using the skills that I went to school for and all things will be where they need to.