Sunday, January 9, 2011

Job Interview Jitters

Well I have a job interview tomorrow. Actually 4 total interviews tomorrow, but all for the same position but with different people. I hate job interviews. I feel like I do well in them, but they all seem just so fake. I would love to apply for a job and honestly tell them why I am leaving my old job. I dont want to say "Oh, I'm leaving my current job because their is a lack of job advancement." No, I want to say, "I'm leaving my job because the pay sucks and I am highly undervalued, and the people I work with are worthless." But I am told that being THAT honest isnt a good thing.

I want to honestly ask them if the job I am interviewing actually sucks or they would enjoy doing the job. No one wants to take a job when they know it is going to be horrible. But you probably shouldnt ask a question like that. Everyone says, when you interview, just be yourself. But they honestly never really mean that. Because when you are too much like yourself, you make the interviewer uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, I really want this job. It is in downtown Pittsburgh, which when I moved to Pittsburgh after college is where I worked for a year for another company. Working downtown definitely has its perks, but has a huge amounts of setbacks as well. It does help that I could ride a bike from my current home and even the new one I am in building in just 5 minutes. But in the winter, nothing sucks more than walking downtown in the frigid cold.

I think I would enjoy this job, so hopefully all works out and it gets offered to me. :) Fingers crossed!


Mike said...

Good luck!!!

Don't overanalyze the situation!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike. And, stay positive.

Think what that that bike commute will do for your glutes!

Anonymous said...

Did you end up getting the job?