Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

I get to leave work today at noon so that will be quite a treat. I am then going to plow my way through all of the rain and drive 2 hours north to my parents house where I will be camped out in front of the TV playing my new XBox for 3 days straight.

Going home for Christmas means 3 things for me. 1. I have to go to a Catholic Church with my mom. Dont worry though, I cover myself with garlic so I dont catch on fire upon entering. It has worked so far too. 2. No Internet. Yeah I know. I dont understand it either. 3. Waking up extremely early because my younger brothers get up at the crack of dawn and start wrestling and yelling.

3 days is my maximum time that I am able to stay at home before I start cutting my arms though. I get driven crazy by not being in my comfort zone flowing with gays, internet, and my snack food, and the smell of smog from the city. I do try to enjoy my time with the family though. I usually can be found playing various board games with my brothers. Because of this fact, thats what they are all getting for Christmas. I got the new monopoly that doesnt have monopoly money it in, but credit cards, with a credit card machine that does all the transactions so you dont have to use your brain to do it. And then I bought the classic game of Clue. Who doesnt love that shiz. And my other brother got a PlayStation game and a box of different manly shower gels and soaps because he is 15 and frankly he smells like ass. Hopefully he decided to use them for everyones sake.

OK, thats all I got. Be safe and have a happy Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holiday you may celebrate!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Something Every Parent Should Watch

Here is a movie that will be shown on the channel Lifetime based on a true story called "Prayers for Bobby". This should be shown to every parent who doesn't accept their children for who they are. This should also be shown to every parent who does to see why it is so important they continue to support their kids.

My boyfriend's parents could definitely benefit from watching something like this. They do not accept my his homosexuality therefore he doesn't have the opportunity to ever introduce me to them or even talk about me. It is quite a shame that someone's own son has to tell lies and leave a very important part of their life out of every conversation.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas Party

Ya'll wanted to know how my work X-mas party went, so here it is. I wish I had some amazing story to tell you of people being assholes or wanting to be my new fag hag but honestly I dont have much of a story to tell. On my way to the party I was still trying to figure out how i would introduce the boyfriend. Should I say, "Hi, this is $&@!%, my boyfriend/partner?" I wasnt sure yet. But soon after walking into the party, I realized I wouldnt have to introduce him with any label what so ever. I decided that if they want to know who he really is, all they have to do it ask. So I just introduced him by his name. And that was it. And honestly, some people figured it out, and others may or may not have. But as I would've hoped, no one seemed to mind. My boss as well as some other coworkers knocked back one too many, and their incessant talking and slurring of their words made it very obvious. But overall, I think we both had as good as a time as one can.

We had a sort of gift giving game thing which I ended up taking home the gift that i brought. But a nice fancy deep fryer will look fabulous in my kitchen whether or not it get used is another question though.

So yeah, even though I dont have an exciting story to tell, its probably better that way.

Beautifully Radiant

I just got off the phone with some Doctor who will be performing all of my scans and radiation stuff. These things will span over the course of 3 days then several days of isolation from the outside world. I am so extremely happy that I will finally have this shit taken care of. January 12 will mark the start of treatment and a semi new life. WooHoo!

Santa Came Early

The boyfriend and I exchanged gifts last night in part that we wont be spending Christmas together this year because we will be with our respective families. So because of that, and because of all the craziness that it took just to get his gift *a fancy car stereo*, we decided that it would be best to open gifts last night. He didnt really have much to open from me, because i just took his car to get the stereo installed. Now he can hook up his iPod to his car to listen to his music instead of Cd's.

And he got me exactly what I wanted. Take a look. I love my new XBox. I love the Tiesto DVD from his Elements of Life Concert in Copenhagen. I love it all!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Big Day

Tonight is my work Christmas Party. Normally these things are generally no big deal for me, but this year is much different. Instead of bringing my sister or a girl friend, I am bringing my boyfriend, and introducing him to everyone as so. Well sort of, I have decided that I will introduce him as my partner, even though I despise the word. I think it sounds more "serious". To my knowledge, only one person knows at my work that I am gay. He probably sent an email to everyone else in my office telling them i was a big butt diver, but no one else has ever said anything, so I dont know.

Even though I am a little nervous doing this, I know that i refuse to make up lies about my weekend plans and who I hang out with or whom I am dating. It isnt a fun place to be, and i am lucky enough to be able to come out at work because if I were fired, I could sue my company for discrimination. Many others are not so fortunate. Such as my boyfriend or um, excuse me, my partner. I am hoping everything goes well tonight, and hopefully it wont be incredibly awkward.

It will be sort of nice though to have it out in the open. It no longer has to be a secret. And anytime you get something off of your chest, you feel so much more free and a weight gets lifted off your shoulders.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Getting Hot In Here, I'm Gonna Take My Robe Off

Last video of the day I promise. Here is some of the finest grandmas and grandpas getting down and freaky with some hip hop songs that will surely put a smile on everyone's face. You must watch til the very end.

To Get You In the Christmas Spirit

You must listen to this amazing, energetic, and overall fun-loving rendition of Go Tell It On The Mountain! These hot little ladies sure know how to get a crowd going crazy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hospital: Round 1

In about 30 minutes I am leaving work to go to the hospital to meet my my Endocrinologist to finally get things rolling on my complete Thyroid Ablation. Now that I have insurance that will pay for the full treatment which will cost thousands of dollars, I can finally get this done. I am hoping to schedule the radiation treatment in the middle of January. I am not looking forward to this at all, because, through the advice of my doctor, I shouldn't be within 5 feet of anyone for 10 days. Eeek! I have never been away from the human population for so long. So during this time, I am going to hang out with my enemies for long periods of time, and hold and snuggle with the cats that live in my house. Just kidding.

I plan on getting lots of movies, some books, tons of snacks, and hopefully an XBox will be readily available for playing. I dont think I will be more bored in my life than during this time. I have already notified my boss that i will be missing 10 full days of work which is possibly the only exciting thing about this whole thing.

My biggest concern about this is the post surgical weight gain. Because one's thyroid basically controls your metabolism, my metabolism currently is extremely fast causing me to never really gain weight. I have been roughly within the same 10lbs for the past 10 years of my life. And I eat like a cow. After this treatment, I hear horror stories of people gaining 45 lbs within just a few months. Yuck. I couldn't imagine looking 45lbs heavier. This obviously means that I am going to start watching what I eat and working hard in the gym.

Adios Amiga's!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I finally saw the movie "Milk" last night and here is what I thought. Well, because I crying for half of the movie, it might be hard for me to give a complete accurate review. But I can sum up this movie in one word...amazing. i don't think I have ever been moved so much in a movie. At the end I was trying so extremely hard not to start sobbing. We all walked out of the movie, and I couldn't even talk about it because I would've started crying again. So what does this make me? A big blabbering baby, yes I know. But sometimes things really get to me.

It was very hard to watch that whole movement during the movie without feeling something. Being a big queer myself, i am sure I took things away from that movie that straight people did not. I couldn't imagine what it would be like living in a time where you got arrested just being for gay or being in a gay bar. What striked me even more so is just how far in my eyes we really haven't come since then. People still can lose their job for being a Mo, such as my boyfriend, people still get gay bashed, and in other countries, it is still illegal to be gay. If we had more people like Harvey Milk, I wonder what could happen for us. Because I tried to think of one gay person who is making huge changes, and honestly it was hard for me to come up with one who really stuck out in my mind.

I wonder how things would've been different if that "good christian guy with family values" wouldn't have shot and killed Mr. Milk. I wonder when gay people will be looked at just like anyone else. I hope it will happen in my lifetime. I hope that our country will see that it is not healthy to tell other people how to live their lives. I wonder if I will truly see the country that Harvey Milk envisioned.

I cannot express enough how everyone should see this movie. For people who hates gays, for people who don't understand what we are really fighting for, and for people who are unsure about how they feel towards gay people. I cannot wait to tell my parents to make sure they see this movie. I cannot wait to see this movie again, hopefully without all the crying. And I cannot wait to hear an audience member say what my sister said.

"That was possibly the best movie I have ever seen."

The Charlie Bit Me Video You Didnt See

I found this and thought it was pretty funny. And if you didnt see the original Charlie Bit Me video, you have to go to Youtube right now and watch it. Its great.
Isnt the guy giving head a hottie?!

Year + .5 Years

Yes today marks a year and half since first kissing my man and having sweet non-anal sex with him. Its crazy that its only been that long since it feels like I have been with him for years and years. And it might be even crazier everything we have already been through in such a short amount of time. But I am so incredibly happy that we are more in love than ever. Everything in our relationship is great. We cut out all the bad influences and negative energy that was causing stress, and we have surrounded us with people who are truly good people.

We are not going to be celebrating anything today, as I guess from here on in, we only celebrate full years and not any of this half year nonsense, but I still find today highly significant. We are planning our life together, all starting with moving in with each other probably in the spring once we get some money together so we can move into a nice place. Once we do that, we will be getting a Miniature Dachshund and we are naming him Frankie.

I have such great things to look forward to!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Sweet Daddy Bear

I have no idea what this video is from, but it made my stomach feel a little queasy. I am still looking for my sweet daddy bear who will buy me things and take me and my man on vacations. If you are out there, feel free to contact me! ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Toys from the 80's

I came across this video of the top ten toys that made you gay. Although I don't know if they actually made me gay, I definitely remember having at least 7 of the ten toys in my house between me and my other siblings. So its odd that I am the only gay one. And the #1 toy is definitely completely gross now that I look at what it does.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christian the Lion

While surfing the net, I came across this years most sought online videos. most of them consisted of Tina Fey acting as Sarah Palin, but there was one about a lion named Christian. I have never heard of this video, so i decided to search it out and see what it was all about. Well, by the end of the video, I had tears in my eyes, and I was already sending the link to my closest friends. If you haven't seen it, watch it below.

Westboro Baptist Church Even Hates Santa!

Did you see the story about the atheist sign that was granted a permit, displayed, and then stolen from the Washington state capitol building? Well apparently the WBC now wants to use that now vacant space for their latest ridiculous unholy agenda. Here is the image of the huge picture they want to put in place at the Washignton State Capitol Building.
Pretty catchy tune hunh?


I came across this site and cant wait to enter my own photos. The gallery of pictures is tons of fun! The purpose of this site is to have people use a picture taken of them from a long time ago, and recreate the picture as they are now. Get it, Young me, now me! If anyone uploads their pictures, let me know, I would love to see them! And I will post mine on here once I find some pictures of me as a child.

Here is my favorite entry.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon Stewart

Jon gets it right every damn time!

In the Scene

I am one of those gays who you could say are in the "scene". I enjoy going to bars and clubs and having a good time. I get upset when people think negative about people who do this. I don't judge you because you sit at home and play a make believe life on the Sims, so don't judge me because I am actually experiencing a real one. But for those gay people who are in the scene in Pittsburgh, know that our scene sort of sucks. We have not one good club in this entire city where we can go and dance with our boyfriends under high ceilings and good lighting. Well, until now. Possibly the nicest nightclub in Pittsburgh, called Privilege or as most call it, Prive, has now just surprised the gay community with a bombshell by making Saturday night its official gay night!

This makes me quite excited. It makes me happy that I can finally go to a club in Pittsburgh and actually be excited to go. I know this is going to do great.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Eeeew, You Want Me to Do What?!

I had a very interesting conversation while drinking at one of the finest hipster bars in the Burgh. It had to do with both rim jobs and blow jobs. Both activities which I enjoy partaking in heavily. However,my one friend almost seemed put off on these sexual acts. He said he would never give a guy a blowjob without a condom, even his boyfriend! I know, he's crazy, right?! And dont get him started on rimming either. He refuses to lick the almighty brown star of joy, and if someone gives his chocolate starfish a ride on their tongue, dont expect to kiss him for the rest of the sexual rendezvous cause he wont allow it.

Now I am not naive in the fact that there are lots of bacteria in both of those heavenly sent areas. But a good clean butt is just oh so tasty. This got me thinking about just how boring my sex life would be if I would refuse to give blowjobs or rim jobs. Since most of my foreplay involves these two things, that would only leave me with armpit licking and nipple biting. And those are only fun for so long.

Because I am a self proclaimed sex pig, I am basically willing to do anything once. Well let me be more specific, if you want me to do anything to you, I will try it. If you want me to pee on you, ok fine. If you want me to pass gas on your face while I sit in your rim chair, odd, but alrighty! Leather sling and matching harness, you dont have to ask me twice! I get off on pleasing my partner. In most cases, as long as he is enjoying it, I am enjoying it too. My man knows he can ask me to do just about anything to him because he knows I will almost never tell him no.

We all have our kinks. We each have those little quirks that just drive us wild. Some people are into scat pigs, and although I dont understand it, I say have fun with that, and dont forget to brush your teeth after you're done. I like rough sex with muscular guys with hairy chests, and to some people that is just as weird. But I will always be willing to please my man while inviting his kinks into our bedroom. After all, sex can get very repetitive, so its always nice to trying something bizarre and off the wall. Don't you agree?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ohhh Christmas Tree

Tonight is the last celebrated day of my boyfriends birthday. His actual birthday was last Sunday, but I am finally taking him to dinner with just the two of us. I am taking his bubble butt to Kaya. One of our favorite restaurants in the Burgh. After we indulge ourselves in Caribbean cuisine, we are heading back to his place to be good Christian boys who have anal to put up a Christmas tree. And decorate that big hard piece of wood with tacky tinsel and cheap bulbs and fake icicles.

I actually look forward to this every year. it makes me sad because I am not able to put a Christmas tree at my house because the 3 cats would tear that thing to shreds. Its a shame too because I have huge windows that overlook our street that it would look absolutely fabulous in. Anyways, these sort of holiday things actually make me happy. This is all due to my mom making a big deal about this stuff when i was growing up. She would turn on Christmas music, make hot chocolate, and have all of us kids help decorate the tree. I loved it. So I now still want to do those same things. I want to turn on Christmas music, make some hot chocolate, but with Kahlua, and decorate the tree with my hubster.

I already know what Santa is bringing him for Christmas other than me naked with a big red bow. He is only getting one thing this year unlike last year where i spent way too much money on way too many things. But money is tight, so Santa is trying to conserve. And I told the bf already what I want. I either want an XBox 360 or a nice new watch. I've been eyeing up some pretty fab Burberry watches. Or both if he wants to spoil me.

What holiday traditions do you have?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa's Gmail Account

Have you ever so desperately wanted to look at someones email account to see who they are talking to or see what dirty subscriptions they have. Well one of Santa's little helpers hacked into Santa's Gmail account and has released a screenshot with the dirty details. Click to embiggen.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taco Bell Pussy

Interesting title hunh? Its not anything you are thinking of though. This has to do with some of my pets from back home. I got a few pictures of my favorite feline and canine counterparts. Although I am missing pictures of 2 of my other pets. So here is my cat. Her name is Kitty. Original I know. She was my best buddy while being at home for thanksgiving. We took a few cat naps while I was there. Hardyharhar.

And here is a somewhat newer addition to the family. This little guy is Chewy the Chihuahua, and he is suffering from a nasty eye infection. He looked so sad and miserable the entire time I was home.

We are still missing Heffer, the oldest and most loyal Australian Shepard and another Chihuahua names Oreo. Pictures to come soon.


Yep. You heard it hear first kids. Someone was dumped. Left on the side of the road, and left to fend for themself. Boyfriends suck sometime, especially when they break up with you. Thats why I feel bad for two of my sisters whom just got broken up with by their boyfriends. Two sisters, two breakups, 6 days apart. Both completely unexpected. Sad really. These guys seemed nice. One was cute, the other, well, not so much. My sisters are gorgeous so they will have no problem finding someone else. But that never matters when your heart gets broken. What a lonely place that is. You feel pain that is the worst pain in the world, and you feel like no one has ever felt that same pain because it hurts so bad. This is the time family and friends need to be there more than ever.

From experience though, for me its best to move on as quickly as possibly. Indulge yourself with someone who's better looking and better in bed. Soon, that pain goes away and you stop being so damn angry at the asshole who broke up with you. Even though my method probably isnt the best, it works really well.

Because out of all my siblings my two sisters and I were the only ones dating people, I am hoping it isnt a curse and I am next in line. There is apparently no signs or things to look out for to predict it is going to happen. So I will be on my best behavior for a while because I am not really in the mood for a breakup.

So tell me, how do YOU get over a breakup? What are your methods? Ice cream? Shopping? Pity Parties? Anonymous Sex? Go ahead tell me.

New Do

My hairstyle has changed again dear readers. I cant really stick with one hairstyle for more than a few months, therefore on Friday, it changed once again. I now have nothing other than a Mohawk on my head. Yeah, I truly never imagined myself with one, and it doesn't look to bad either. However, this was not something that I wanted to actually have.

You see, I decided to cut my hair as I do every few weeks, so I got my clippers ready, positioned my mirrors in bathroom so that I can see both the front and the back of my head, got naked, and started clipping away in my bathtub. Then, I got a text from my friend which startled me and made me clip my hair way to short on the top of my head. So I either had to complete buzz everything off, or do something fun and make a Mohawk. You obviously know what decision I made.

I tried to take a good picture of myself with this rockin Mohawk but I cant take a good picture to save my life lately, so you only get the top of my head.

I Sometimes Love My Roommate

For this...
So what is the story that goes along with this little note attached to our fridge? Apparently someone else who lives in our building thinks its OK to come into our apartment and help them self to whatever is in our fridge. Weird, right?! Hopefully next time the try, this note will successfully change their thievery.